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Fundraising Quiz 2020


We have a date for our 2020 Quiz. It’ll be Saturday 28 March in the evening.


This year we are raising funds for Croydon Stroke Association Voluntary Group.


We’ll give residents of Canning and Clyde Roads a head start but it’s best to book early. More details soon.


Scam alert! NHS flu jabs


There are several variations of the following scam. It is largely targeted at older people. Basically someone posing as a healthcare professional contacts a member of the public asking them for money for a flu jab. Do please pass on the following advice from the NHS.


If someone claiming to be from the NHS contacts you by phone and asks for a payment, please be aware they could be a criminal trying to trick you. Most NHS services are free at the point of use and NHS professionals are very unlikely to ask for fees such as prescription charges by phone. We advise you not to share bank account details or other financial information unless you are sure of who you are talking to.’






Recycling at Christmas and New Year


Christmas cards – please tear off any bits with sparkle or foil and recycle the rest.


Real Christmas trees – put out your real Christmas tree by Monday 13 January. It will be collected sometime over the following 2 weeks. Please remove the pot and all decorations. Place at the front of your garden or drive but not on the pavement. To check this information hasn’t changed and to find out what to do if your tree isn’t collected, see information on this link.