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Help create a neighbourhood in which we enjoy living


Our Addiscombe West Councillors (Sean Fitzsimons,

Jerry Fitzpatrick, Patricia Hay-Justice) are inviting you to contribute ideas as to what will make our neighbourhood one in which we enjoy living. They are hoping to work with residents to develop an action plan that can be used to make

a case for sustainable investment for our area.


They are hoping hear from residents their views on a range of issues. In order to do this they are looking to circulate

a newsletter and questionnaire in November.


The newsletter/questionnaire will cover a number of issues including:


Giving voice to those living in the private rented sector, who make up at least 40% of the ward's population.


Improve conditions for pedestrians overall.


Thinking about how we can improve individual residential streets.


Increase resident involvement across the ward.


Look at how we can help green our area.

Identify and tackle grot spots where dumping/graffiti happens.


Reviving our "high street" Cherry Orchard Road. Working with local businesses.


How can we make East Croydon more accessible now that it is likely to be rebuilt.


Make Leslie Arms roundabout more pedestrian friendly, and to help create a focal point for the community with a revitalised Leslie Arms.


How do we tackle social isolation?


Other issues that residents share.


We would encourage everyone to respond to the questionnaire and contribute to making our area a great place in which to live.



Any outstanding bin issues?


If you have any outstanding bin issues, please would you

let Gordon (Clyde Road) or Anne (Canning Road) know.

We have been asked to collate them and pass to

Cllr Jerry Fitzpatrick