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Council proposals for our area


The Council has been set very tough priorities and targets by central Government and the Mayor of London in relation to sustainable traffic management and providing Croydon residents with a good quality of life. The Local Implementation Plan for Traffic can be found online at the Council’s website.

It contains the strategies to meet these priorities and targets. There are many elements to this.


Here’s information on three that might be arriving in our roads.

If you have any opinions on these, do please let our Councillors and us know.


Electric car charging points


Firstly – the Council is considering installing an electric car charging point, possibly in Canning Road towards the Lower Addiscombe Road end, so people in the flats above the shops can also access it.


Bike stores


Secondly – The Council is considering installing a bike hangar store in either Canning or Clyde Road. This is so the very many of us who live in flats and may have difficulty storing a bike have a means to do so. A bike hangar is a lockable roadside store about the size of a current parking space.



Bike hangar

Belfast Road

South Norwood



The hangars are







Consultation on residents' parking permits charges


Thirdly - Croydon Council has launched a consultation on new emissions-based parking charges, offering major discounts to drivers with less polluting cars. The scheme would offer significant parking permit discounts for the least polluting vehicles with some drivers only paying £6.50 for an annual resident’s parking permit. Those with more polluting (possibly older) cars could pay considerably more. For links to the Draft Parking Policy 2019-2022 and the propsed charges from

Oct 2019 in the Draft Traffic Management order - click here.


The Council survey for this has closed. You can still express your views to our Councillors (see Local Links page).

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