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Have you seen an envelope addressed to the Occupier? New deadline is 2 June - being extended owing to several addresses in Clyde Road and at least one in Canning Road not receiving consultation letters.


In January 2016, Croydon Council made Lebanon Road no entry from Addiscombe Road. This sent an extra 1,200 cars a day down Addiscombe Court Road and created a safety hazard at Lebanon Road tram stop with some drivers passing a parked tram and turning sharply in front of the tram into Addiscombe Court Road. Canning Road has seen an increase in traffic but – so far – to a lesser degree.


Now the Council has been forced to mitigate the negative impact of that decision. As you may know, they are consulting on whether or not to make one or both of Addiscombe Court Road and Canning Road no entry from Addiscombe Road. We note that the Council has not heeded our residents’ call for them to consider other options; instead other options were briefly dismissed with no statistical evidence or traffic modelling to support their assumptions. We wonder why? We welcome the fact that the Council has heeded our and TACRA (Tunstall & Addiscombe Court Residents Association)’s call for wider consultation this time as we would not want other neighbouring roads to be treated in the same way we were with the Lebanon Road one-way.


NB – Please check for envelopes addressed to the Occupier. These are not the usual similarly addressed junk mail. It’s a shame that Canning Road, which potentially stands to be most changed by what the Council decides to do, has a relatively high number of shared entrances so has a significant number of envelopes that may just end up in the recycling or other rubbish pile without being opened. If you do not receive an envelope, contact Russell Birtchnall on 020 8726 6000 (ext 62178) or . The Council started sending them on 31 March.

To summarise—The choice being offered by Council’s proposal to

make Canning Road no entry from Addiscombe Road


If Canning Road IS made No Entry from Addiscombe Road

Drivers – which includes some Canning and Clyde Roads residents— when travelling to their homes from the Chepstow Road or Park Hill area, will have to go a longer way round via inadequately functioning junctions on the Chepstow Road and both ends of Cherry Orchard Road. This would add extra journey time, sometimes considerable, and frustration.


If Canning Road is NOT made No Entry from Addiscombe Road

Croydon Council will send up to 1,600+* extra cars a day along Canning Road, displaced from Addiscombe Court Road (1,200+* of which were originally from Lebanon Road). This is on top of the existing number and will lead to increased noise and pollution levels and a change in quality of life for people living in Canning Road, especially those whose flats or houses face the road. (* Figures are Council’s own January 2016)


For as long as the displacement of traffic from Lebanon Road continues to affect disproportionately only one or two roads – it will remain the Lebanon Road one-way imposition issue. The Council cannot use the forthcoming consultation as a way of ‘brushing it under the carpet’ and blaming residents for subsequent Council decisions. Croydon Council created this situation with the Lebanon Road one-way imposition. Whatever decision Croydon Council now makes – Croydon Council will remain solely and wholly responsible for the outcome. If they get it wrong, this story will run and run...


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