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Consequences of Lebanon Road one-way imposition – possible huge changes for drivers and / or residents of Canning Road


For fuller information on this – please see our latest newsletter dated     18 February 2017. From the start of 2016, Croydon Council made Lebanon Road one-way southbound consulting only a very restricted statutory consultation area. Experience has shown that Council decision was fundamentally flawed with a big increase in traffic in Addiscombe Court Road and a new safety risk at Lebanon Road tram stop. Residents in Canning Road have seen an increase in traffic but – so far – to a lesser degree.


Back in September the Council verbally suggested making both Addiscombe Court and Canning Roads no entry from Addiscombe Road. We consulted our residents through a questionnaire.  Our conclusion was that the Council needed to come back with a better solution.


We passed on the results of our Survey and all residents’ comments. They were reproduced for the Traffic Management Advisory Committee on Wednesday 8 February 2017 (see here). The Council at this stage has chosen not to come back with a better solution to mitigate the effects of their flawed Lebanon Road one-way imposition. Council Officers have discounted three other possible local solutions offering no statistical evidence or traffic flow modelling to support their assumptions (see here)


The Council will be writing to all residents in a wide area round here in (they say) March or April to consult on their views.

To summarise—The choice being offered by Council’s proposal to

make Canning Road no entry from Addiscombe Road


If Canning Road IS made No Entry from Addiscombe Road

Drivers – which includes some Canning and Clyde Roads residents— when travelling to their homes from the Chepstow Road or Park Hill area, will have to go a longer way round via inadequately functioning junctions on the Chepstow Road and both ends of Cherry Orchard Road. This would add extra journey time, sometimes considerable, and frustration.


If Canning Road is NOT made No Entry from Addiscombe Road

Croydon Council will send up to 1,600+* extra cars a day along Canning Road, displaced from Addiscombe Court Road (1,200+* of which were originally from Lebanon Road). This is on top of the existing number and will lead to increased noise and pollution levels and a change in quality of life for people living in Canning Road, especially those whose flats or houses face the road. (* Figures are Council’s own January 2016)


For as long as the displacement of traffic from Lebanon Road continues to affect disproportionately only one or two roads – it will remain the Lebanon Road one-way imposition issue. The Council cannot use the forthcoming consultation as a way of ‘brushing it under the carpet’ and blaming residents for subsequent Council decisions. Croydon Council created this situation with the Lebanon Road one-way imposition. Whatever decision Croydon Council now makes – Croydon Council will remain solely and wholly responsible for the outcome. If they get it wrong, this story will run and run...


Proposed Ward Boundary Changes

- deadline for comments 8 May 2017


For information on this see the Boundary Commission's proposals