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Croydon Council at a Crossroads of its own making

Consequences of Lebanon Road one-way imposition


Croydon Council is at a crossroads. It has created this situation. The Council alone is responsible for what it has done and the choices it now makes.


From January 2016 Croydon Council made Lebanon Road one-way southbound with no entry from Addiscombe Road.  Their decision created a traffic hazard at Lebanon Road tram stop, a significant increase in traffic in Addiscombe Court Road and to a lesser degree Canning Road.


Croydon Council’s proposal verbally to us in September last year was to mitigate this by making Addiscombe Court and / or Canning Road also no entry from Addiscombe Road. We informed Canning & Clyde residents of this and asked their views. The Council in April & May sent out consultation letters to residents. So far the Council has summarily dismissed other options without any statistics or traffic modelling to support their assumptions.


No one in our roads actively wants what the Council is proposing. Where people have responded to the consultation, they are voting for the least bad option. Basically Croydon Council has to come up with a better plan.


The Traffic Management Advisory Committee will decide on

5 July. For a full copy of our, TACRA and other submissions, see here. For a 2-page summary see our latest newsletter on the next page.




Update on Transport Management Advisory Committee

of 5 July - The Committee voted to make both Addiscombe Court and Canning Roads no entry from Addiscombe Road.

The final decision will be made after 2 August 2017. If anyone has any material further information to give, please email or post it to Mike Barton at Croydon Council.


Since 5 July, the results of traffic monitoring have come through. Were Canning Road to be left open while Addiscombe Court Road is closed, Canning Road, which has by far the highest number of households locally, would see around 4,000 cars a day.


We submitted a Canning & Clyde response to the Statutory Consultation that reflects the overall views held by residents in our two roads.







The Council is now taking the proposal back to the Traffic Management Advisory Committee on Wednesday 11 October 2017 6:30pm Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon CR0 1NX. Anyone is able to attend and speak at the meeting.