Canning & Clyde


27 April - 20 May 2018

Various venues in Croydon


Croydonites is a festival of new theatre and performance for Croydon. Its mission is to showcase local theatre makers, and bring some of the best contemporary performance work from around the UK to your CR0 doorstep


The third edition of Croydonites Festival of New Theatre will present works over four weeks between 27 April and 20 May 2018. We continue our mission to bring new performance work to Croydon and provide a platform for local artists, with seven of the twelve based in the borough.


Get ready to be thrilled, soothed and made over. Get cosy with some late night radio, and spar with wolves. Take a thrilling ride round the streets of Croydon, or find a better more beautiful you. Get ready for the surreal, the singular and the sincere. Feel included, feel left out and see Croydon through the eyes of a Hollywood lens. Then rise like a phoenix and soar to the tunes of a master. All in Croydon.


Croydonites is spreading its theatrical wings in 2018 and heading to new territory. From personal memoir to pop-up opera, parody to pathos and immersive to intimate, it’s welcoming new genres of performance to its programme from UK and Croydon based artists. Featuring four premieres and a film commissioned by Croydonites (and made on location here), the festival showcases fantastic British theatre and performance, with seven local artists leading the way.