Canning & Clyde

Croydon Community Clothes Exchange

Saturday 10 November

Turf Studios, Whitgift shopping centre


Plenty of us have to watch our pennies. Here’s one potentially fun idea.


‘Croydon Community Clothes Exchange is a not-for-profit event where you can swap the unloved clothing sitting at the back of your wardrobe with other swappers. At an exchange you must bring something along, and can’t take more than you have given (a maximum of twenty items). Take fewer and your ‘credit’ is recorded for next time. Users pay £3 to register and donations (adults’ clothes, shoes, bags, scarves and jewellery) are counted and checked for quality on arrival by the friendly organisers. The items hang on changing rails of stock, and new arrivals turn up and dig for treasure.’


The Croydon Citizen 17.8.18  quoted with permission.